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  • This was likely popular because the individual selectively chose which words formed the answer.
  • Individual companies probably selectively performed verses from the song or added new ones.
  • Her takes were then selectively edited to produce the version used on the track.
  • That person selectively wrote down or otherwise recorded the medium's words.
  • They are particularly useful because they can be installed and removed very selectively under mild conditions.
  • They use history, possibly selectively, to cast the situation as a big-picture struggle against an evil power.
  • It has also been used selectively by proponents of mind control theory.
  • The term was also selectively used of free women.
  • They can also have their nervous system shut down selectively for surgery.
  • In other words, as light passes through a greater distance of water color is selectively absorbed by the water.
  • These albums prompted him to selectively tour and perform concerts around the world.
  • The term allows the speaker to be selectively specific about some properties of the Space or its members.
  • These components can also be used to selectively combine the various pieces of information they have gathered.
  • The data set is now being selectively released.
  • However, the body is able to selectively decide which cells will break down protein and which will not.
  • Language functions include speech, reading and writing, all of which can be selectively impaired.
  • By using the weapon selectively the player can improvise music while playing.
  • In practice it works very well with most applications and can be selectively disabled for those applications which do not.
  • Control is the only authority to impose or lift radio silence either fully or selectively.
  • For this reason, alliances were often formed to selectively help in-members, and throw off out-members.
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Meaning of selectively

  • adverb By selection; in a selective manner
    we choose our students very selectively