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  • Certain noted selections have never been released at all prior to this album.
  • The running order of the selections is different and three additional songs are included.
  • There are some other popular & numbers selections mostly used in the history of the game.
  • Only eight selections from the film were included in this first edition of the album.
  • The bridge form and construction material selections were based on strength against all the different forces the bridge would face.
  • Stores may also feature an area of "top ten" selections for a regional radio station.
  • In addition, he would provide selections in the more familiar, rock music genre.
  • He made selections of the practices he saw round him and arranged the offices and services.
  • Players who wish to purchase this game must make two selections when they buy their tickets.
  • Universities base their selections on many secondary factors other than academic performance.
  • Selections of his articles have been published in book form.
  • Fewer engine selections were available though the engines that remained gained a few horses.
  • The soldiers who pass the first selections go to a basic course which lasts five months.
  • In Europe, the various national markets received different selections of the three engines.
  • That year he enjoyed his first of five All-Star selections.
  • First place selections receive two votes, while second place selections receive one.
  • While his selections provided the album's country and western foundation, the musical arrangements represented its contemporary influence.
  • Though the selections are all at least twenty years old, the songs withstand the test of time.
  • Often, especially within classical selections, a single composer's material is featured.
  • The quality of prior work experience and future leadership potential is a critical factor in the selections.
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Root form of selections is selection for the noun.

Meaning of selections

  • noun An assortment of things from which a choice can be made
    the store carried a large selection of shoes