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  • When the term selection or selectional restrictions appears alone without the c- or s-, s-selection is usually understood.
  • This selectional pressure can be explained by a number of advantages, both in terms of mating success and survival rate.
  • Part One is a review of "new facts and new non-selectional mechanisms that have been discovered in biology".
  • GL was initially developed as a theoretical framework for encoding selectional knowledge in natural language.
  • Some of the noncollective nominals are also marked for other selectional restrictions.
  • These selectional restrictions on what base a prefix can be attached to can be used to distinguish between otherwise identical-sounding prefixes.
  • Instead, he suggests that the brain is a selectional system, one in which large numbers of variant circuits are generated epigenetically.
  • Haacke himself believes, however, that the race originated either in China or Japan as the result of systematic selectional breeding. Cited from The Dancing Mouse, by Robert M. Yerkes
  • As stated above, eugenics and social Darwinism deal are artificially selectional, not naturally selectional.
  • This kind of selectional restriction should be avoided.
  • A selectional process (unstudied) results in a reduction of nuclei and meiosis takes place (also unstudied until today).
  • As insects are spiders' main prey, it is likely that they would impose strong selectional forces on the foraging behavior of spiders.
  • Through the heated polemics of the more ardent selectionists Wagner's theory came to grow into an alternative instead of a help to the theory of selectional evolution. Cited from Darwin and Modern Science, by A.C. Seward
  • Just the s-selectional restrictions of the predicates is wilting and drank are violated in the b-sentences.
  • Phrasemes can be broken down into groups based on their compositionality (whether or not the meaning they express is the sum of the meaning of their parts) and the type of selectional restrictions that are placed on their non-freely chosen members.
  • GermaNet has been used for a variety of applications, including semantic analysis, shallow recognition of implicit document structure, compound analysis; for analyzing selectional preferences, for word sense disambiguation, etc.
  • It seems highly probable, in view of these facts, that the Chinese took advantage of a deviation from the usual form of behavior to develop by means of careful and patient selectional breeding a race of mice which is remarkable for its dancing. Cited from The Dancing Mouse, by Robert M. Yerkes
  • Strictly speaking, it was not the fact that active/passive pairs are synonymous that motivated the passive transformation, but the fact that active and passive verb forms have the same selectional requirements.
  • The traditional view of sexual morality has been to ignore the selectional aspect here discussed and to stress the alleged deterioration of the germ-plasm by the direct action of the toxins of syphilis. Cited from Applied Eugenics, by Paul Popenoe and Roswell Hill Johnson
  • It is Kammerer's opinion, as a result of these observations, that the black and white dancers of China and Japan have been produced by selectional breeding on the basis of this occasional tendency to move in circles. Cited from The Dancing Mouse, by Robert M. Yerkes
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