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  • German forces are mostly in the more secure north of the country.
  • A successful run on television was intended to secure her financial future.
  • A computer system is no more secure than the persons responsible for its operation.
  • He may have needed to visit the city to secure materials in any case.
  • He had long worked to save money and secure his family's future with real estate.
  • In February, he managed to secure a two-week trial for his younger brother.
  • Those stands were likely because the land to be secured might become slave territory.
  • This process is done by opening a secure online account called my Social Security.
  • The next most important thing we had to do was to find a secure hiding-place. Cited from The Three Lieutenants, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • She continued this role until the leveled island was secure three days later.
  • In cities, traffic is slow thus more secure than in rural areas.
  • He returned after his place on the throne had been secured.
  • Only these types of systems are considered secure enough for sensitive data.
  • The position of his parents secures for him an entrance into good houses. Cited from Punch, Vol. 99, Sep. 27, 1890, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • Its primary use in this fashion is for secure radio communication.
  • He once said that his title was primarily useful for securing hotel rooms.
  • Wilson subsequently secured a three seat majority in a second election in October that year.
  • One problem with the system was that it could not be used for secure data storage.
  • The attempt to secure a horizontal line along the top is here abandoned.
  • Charles initially worked to secure his power base.
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Meaning of secure

  • verb Assure payment of
  • adjective Free from fear or doubt; easy in mind
    he was secure that nothing will be held against him
  • adjective Free from danger or risk
    secure from harm, his fortune was secure, made a secure place for himself in his field
  • adjective Not likely to fail or give way
    the lock was secure, a secure foundation, a secure hold on her wrist