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  • Then they began to complete the writing of their second full length album.
  • The band stated that a second full length album was in the works.
  • Along with their new album, they released their second full length music video.
  • It was later revealed that he finished first in the second semi-final.
  • The band released their second full-length album the following year.
  • Currently they are working on a second full-length album and several individual/group projects.
  • It served as the lead-off single to her self-titled second album.
  • In September, the band started writing material for their second full length album.
  • It was first single to be released from his self-titled second album.
  • It is the first recorded with the band's second line-up.
  • Thus, the second line-up of the group had six members.
  • The band is currently working on a second full length album, with no official release date.
  • It is often considered their best record, and is their second best selling album.
  • A second full-length album was recorded but never released.
  • It is also the band's second full-length recording on a major label.
  • Smith finished in second place and claimed the second semi-final spot.
  • They competed in the second semi-final but failed to reach the final.
  • He competed in the second semi-final but failed to reach the final.
  • Players can hold the ball for only three seconds at any time.
  • They passed the second semi-final, where they were the fourth.
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Meaning of second

  • noun 1/60 of a minute; the basic unit of time adopted under the systeme international d'unites
  • noun Following the first in an ordering or series
    he came in a close second
  • noun A 60th part of a minute of arc
    the treasure is 2 minutes and 45 seconds south of here
  • noun The official attendant of a contestant in a duel or boxing match
  • noun A speech seconding a motion
    do I hear a second?
  • verb Give support or one's approval to
    I'll second that motion, I can't back this plan, endorse a new project
  • verb Transfer an employee to a different, temporary assignment
    The officer was seconded for duty overseas
  • adjective A part or voice or instrument or orchestra section lower in pitch than or subordinate to the first
    second flute, the second violins
  • adverb In the second place
    second, we must consider the economy