sea level rise

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  • It was formed as sea levels rose at the end of the last ice age.
  • The low level of islands makes them very sensitive to sea-level rise.
  • The plain started to form at the last stage of the ice age when the sea level rose.
  • There is strong evidence that global sea level rose gradually over the 20th century.
  • When he spoke a word, the sea level rose.
  • The first period was linked to the sea-level rise after the end of the last ice age.
  • There are two main factors that have contributed to observed sea level rise.
  • Sea level rise is expected to continue for centuries.
  • Within a few million years however, sea levels rose again and this island was submerged also.
  • Nevertheless, preparing for sea-level rise has been the exception rather than the rule.
  • This range is less than the observational lower bound of sea-level rise.
  • Tuvalu could be one of the first nations to experience the effects of sea level rise.
  • As the sea level rose, the water table in Florida also rose and rainfall increased.
  • In each round the player must get to the top before the sea level rises and kills them.
  • As the sea level rise continued, water topped most of the continental islands.
  • They are important in determining sea level rise since the last glacial period.
  • Evidence of the latter has been covered by a sea level rise of hundreds of metres following the last ice age.
  • Sea level rose rapidly and water tables and ecosystems looked much like that of today.
  • The low level of islands makes them vulnerable to sea level rises.
  • Another potentially significant impact is the long-term effect of sea-level rise on low-lying coastal areas.
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