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  • In that period most major public buildings were designed with sculptural programs of one kind or another.
  • Known for his architectural design as well as his sculptural-style art work.
  • This uses the same sculptural model as the earlier work but is covered with hair.
  • This sculptural program was the major such project in the Rome of his day.
  • This cast bronze sculptural group shows two human figures linked by their hands.
  • Where clean lines, sculptural form and natural materials went hand in hand.
  • This change of material presented an opportunity for a more sculptural design.
  • While sculptural forms may be introduced, growing plant materials must be used as the primary medium.
  • She is known for her ability to create sculptural forms, using earth, grass, stone and water.
  • The same period he started making sculpture, but in a very not-sculptural way.
  • Today it is part of the Modern Museum, who use it for its sculptural park.
  • Much of his sculptural work has kinetic appeal even if the parts do not move.
  • The new location giving him space to work on the big sculptural pieces and installation.
  • At the base, they may feature relief panels, free-standing sculptural groups or both.
  • It is believed that the lower story's sculptural style is of better quality than that of the upper story.
  • Most of the works in the glass collection are sculptural rather than functional.
  • He also created sculptural portraits of high-ranking church officials of his time.
  • These groups have many cultural similarities, including that they all produce a huge range of sculptural art.
  • Students will learn about sculptural form and the design arts, through the process of making a plaque.
  • After he gave up his artistic career, he still painted occasionally but also started to show an interest in sculptural work.
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Meaning of sculptural

  • adjective Relating to or consisting of sculpture
    sculptural embellishments