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  • However, they managed only a scoreless draw and eventually placed third in their group.
  • In his first season with the club he made ten scoreless appearances.
  • It was only the second time a British team had been held scoreless.
  • As was the case in game three, the third period in game four ended up scoreless.
  • This game was scoreless until there was less than seven minutes to go in the third quarter.
  • The following season he played a single game going scoreless.
  • The two teams remained scoreless late into the fourth quarter.
  • The rest of the season went scoreless for him and he collected three yellow cards.
  • The team went on to lose their two remaining games and go scoreless for the finals.
  • The game would remain scoreless until the bottom of the fourth.
  • They started off poorly again, being held scoreless in the first half.
  • It was the first time in Cup Final history that a team had been held scoreless.
  • It was the first time in Origin that either side had ever been held scoreless in a game.
  • A defensive battle early in the game, the first quarter went scoreless.
  • He pitched two scoreless innings and gave up one hit while striking out three.
  • The game was a scoreless tie at half-time, but this soon changed.
  • He also held Gene Banks scoreless in the second half of that game.
  • He started the season with eight straight scoreless games.
  • The game remained scoreless well into the fourth quarter.
  • During five years with the national team, he won a further twelve caps, going scoreless in the process.
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