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  • This line has a west-east direction running north of the city center and its color is scarlet red.
  • He plays in the full back position and was previously with the Scarlets.
  • The Scarlet Letter was also one of the first mass-produced books in America.
  • Scarlet Song is about a marriage between a European woman and an African man.
  • However, shortly into his Scarlets career, he suffered a long-term injury.
  • Scarlet has been a color of power, wealth and luxury since ancient times.
  • A week later, he had died of scarlet fever, and his wish was granted.
  • The band struck a deal with the Italian Scarlet Records for two albums.
  • They finished the group third with nine points ahead of Scarlets.
  • The official colors of the college and its athletic teams are scarlet and white.
  • It has a scarlet eye, a black bill, and short, nearly useless wings.
  • Her family was struck with scarlet fever when Laura was two years old.
  • Scarlet cloth was produced in red, white, blue, green, and brown colors, among others.
  • China still uses a scarlet flag; in Chinese culture red is also the color of happiness.
  • The connection of red or scarlet with sin was very common in Europe and America.
  • This version is included in the special features of the Captain Scarlet DVD box set.
  • One of her young children died of diphtheria and another from scarlet fever.
  • It shows a deep red neck, scarlet eyes, and a small, straight black bill tipped with white.
  • He also listed several other ballads featuring Will Scarlet, sometimes in a very minor role.
  • Outside of the ground was located the car park, the ticket office and official Scarlets shop.
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Meaning of scarlet

  • noun A variable color that is vivid red but sometimes with an orange tinge