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  • Here her husband found her when it was time to say good-by. Cited from Together, by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  • He further said that he believed this could be done within five years.
  • Soon the other girls came up one by one to say good night. Cited from A Sweet Girl Graduate, by Mrs. L.T. Meade
  • He said good-by to the boys and went off toward his house. Cited from Bob Cook and the German Spy,Tomlinson, Paul Greene
  • He could not even remember when he had said good-by to her! Cited from The Reason Why, by Elinor Glyn
  • He could not say good-by to a friend to save his life. Cited from Robert Elsmere, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • This is not to say that common law is better in every situation.
  • But when she said good night to him, his face was still set. Cited from Gunman's Reckoning, by Max Brand
  • If only he, too, would say good-night and go to his room! Cited from Bought and Paid For, by Arthur Hornblow
  • In a few minutes she said good-by to the women and went home. Cited from The Splendid Idle Forties, by Gertrude Atherton
  • Will you say good-by to me and wish me well on my journey? Cited from The Climbers, by Clyde Fitch
  • Very soon he said good-night and went to his own room. Cited from Oh, Money! Money!,byEleanor Hodgman Porter
  • We just said good morning and how are you and so on. Cited from Look Back on Happiness, by Knut Hamsun
  • The next morning she said good-by to me at the station. Cited from Without Dogma, by Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • He did not say good night and could not have told why. Cited from The Rainbow Trail, by Zane Grey
  • We said good-night at the door of her house, but not easily. Cited from We Three, by Gouverneur Morris
  • After a few minutes, she says that she is better and must go.
  • I have but a few minutes in which to say good-by. Cited from An Original Belle, by E. P. Roe
  • He would later say the line in numerous subsequent films throughout his career.
  • He has described a method he has used that he says gave him success.
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Meaning of say

  • noun The chance to speak
    let him have his say
  • verb Communicate or express nonverbally
    What does this painting say?, Did his face say anything about how he felt?
  • verb Utter aloud
    She said `Hello' to everyone in the office
  • verb State as one's opinion or judgement; declare
    I say let's forget this whole business
  • verb Recite or repeat a fixed text
    Say grace, She said her `Hail Mary'
  • verb Indicate
    The clock says noon