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  • Info Satisfy, released by Vertical Records, is Kathryn Scott's first solo album, released in 2004.
  • He shot the scene several times before he was satisfied with it.
  • They were not satisfied with the release and decided changes needed to be made.
  • Very satisfied with the results, the band completed writing in two weeks.
  • In the end he was satisfied and they made it to the airport afterwards.
  • Such conditions permit development to go ahead only if certain conditions are satisfied.
  • The Valley is a place free of problems, where any desire is quickly satisfied.
  • He may believe God has said nothing because He is satisfied with his actions.
  • Officials were satisfied and decided no further action would be taken.
  • Whether any complex sentence is satisfied is seen to be determined by its structure.
  • This process can be repeated several times until the team is satisfied with the final concept.
  • He called it a very quick way to make money and very satisfying.
  • Neither side was entirely satisfied with the results of the war.
  • Simple living may be characterized by individuals being satisfied with what they have rather than want.
  • Only one formation allows the ships of the same fleet to satisfy fully these conditions.
  • The two produced this work by passing the pieces back and forth until both were satisfied with the result.
  • People across the country brought products into town and had to be satisfied with whatever price they were given.
  • On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.
  • The group had much more creative control, and were very satisfied with the results.
  • Also he has to remember that not everyone will be satisfied by the same needs.
  • This process is repeated until the end-user is satisfied with the final system.
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Meaning of satisfy

  • verb Meet the requirements or expectations of
  • verb Make happy or satisfied