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  • No satisfactory explanation was ever offered for why this change was made.
  • The test were satisfactory and all future production models would be equipped with this engine.
  • And I did it, and the result is almost satisfactory for me.
  • The information which he here received was but little satisfactory.
  • This had been tried in the late 19th century but was not found satisfactory at the time.
  • The aircraft proved satisfactory in all respects and better than expected in some, including top speed.
  • But if producers make it through the first few years of production, results will start to become more satisfactory.
  • Some of the existing work-around designs work, more or less, but are not fully satisfactory.
  • The health of women in rural areas is far from satisfactory.
  • Air quality in London at proposed Games-time is generally satisfactory.
  • Also, any material used or goods supplied in providing the service must be of satisfactory quality.
  • When he came the condition of the monastery was far from satisfactory.
  • This change greatly reduced the President's power, and was considered satisfactory by the military officers.
  • He developed it himself and when he saw it, decided it was not satisfactory so he would not show it to the director.
  • Both games have received generally less than satisfactory reviews.
  • The latter can in no way be satisfactory and have been the cause of several failures.
  • When employed as a company, the results were less satisfactory.
  • The company offered the authorities free land on the condition that they received a satisfactory intersection with the bridge.
  • As a result, the school was given a satisfactory report.
  • Post design analysis is then performed to ensure the system response is satisfactory according with the problem requirements.
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Meaning of satisfactory

  • adjective Giving satisfaction
    satisfactory living conditions, his grades were satisfactory