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  • Not to work is considered a state of affairs more satisfactory than working.
  • Although not satisfactory, the result was just about good enough to be sold.
  • No satisfactory reason has been given for why they are needed.
  • A mark is satisfactory, though a lower mark might be used for younger players.
  • Once finished, he asks his father if that was satisfactory and if he should continue.
  • He made a satisfactory profit at this price on his government bought land.
  • To this day there has been no satisfactory explanation for how they are formed.
  • To apply one national legal system as against another may never be an entirely satisfactory approach.
  • This version of events has become the most widely accepted, since all other reports are even less satisfactory.
  • Many theories have been proposed about proper names, none of them entirely satisfactory.
  • Its results are not satisfactory even for very simple problems, but it is extremely fast.
  • His first term being satisfactory as far as the writer knows.
  • He proved satisfactory in the post, and his contract was made permanent.
  • The Museum was extended as more of the building was returned to satisfactory condition.
  • It is one of the few buildings of religious character preserved in a satisfactory state.
  • No satisfactory solution to that problem has ever been carried out.
  • One not receiving a satisfactory result in one court could re-file the case in another.
  • Another satisfactory definition is that the white king must always be on a light square.
  • You see how very satisfactory it is, but I believe things improve greatly with practice.
  • However, it remained in use into the 1970s where a satisfactory cold chain was available.
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Meaning of satisfactory

  • adjective Giving satisfaction
    satisfactory living conditions, his grades were satisfactory