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  • Info A sanctuary, in its original meaning, is a sacred place, such as a shrine. more...
  • The southern end of the lake has been established as a bird sanctuary.
  • The purpose was to place all remaining interests in a new sanctuary that was being built then.
  • Below is the list of these sanctuaries along with the district they are present in.
  • They were to care for the two older sanctuaries, as well as their own church.
  • Though the city was founded relatively late, a sanctuary has existed there since very ancient times.
  • However, neither the sanctuary nor the parish is the oldest standing church in the town.
  • The building includes two sanctuaries under one roof (though only one is now used).
  • That these three buildings were sanctuaries of some kind seems almost certain from their form and arrangement. Cited from Rough Stone Monuments and Their Builders, by T. Eric Peet
  • The two last mentioned rooms contain some of the rock sanctuaries that will be mentioned below.
  • The other two sanctuaries of the combined parish both remain in use.
  • Enough damage had been done already to the great wood-sanctuaries. Cited from Harvest, by Mrs. Humphry Ward [AKA: Mary Augusta Arnold Ward]
  • Sanctuary staff are currently looking at how short term changes in climate can affect local conditions across large areas.
  • There likely would only be four to six of these basin scale sanctuaries.
  • The site is an ancient one and was once occupied by Roman sanctuaries.
  • As a general rule iron might not be brought into Greek sanctuaries. Cited from The Golden Bough, by James George Frazer
  • While this number is not unusual for a ship this size, at least one military service member sought sanctuary.
  • Some sought sanctuary in the Tower of London, and others managed to escape.
  • One point that the French had a major problem with was the concept of sanctuary.
  • Several animal sanctuaries and an animal performance theater are situated along this path.
  • It has two sanctuaries, one at the foot of the mountain and one at its peak.
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Meaning of sanctuary

  • noun A consecrated place where sacred objects are kept