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  • In addition, he had become a national figure after the sanctions taken against him.
  • Each state has at least one sanctioning organization for public schools.
  • Action can be taken but with prior sanction of the central government.
  • International support for the sanctions was by this time at a low level.
  • While it was clear they were involved, the club and its players escaped sanction.
  • It has been suggested that access may have been granted in an attempt to head off further sanctions.
  • A number of tracks throughout the country provide regular racing programs and sanctioned racing series.
  • The losing party has a right to appeal any order for sanctions in the higher court.
  • I just lead the way, but do nothing without democratic sanctioning from the party's majority.
  • Gay marriage would not have the official sanction of government, but neither would straight marriage.
  • The work was, for the most part, conducted for their own purposes without official sanction.
  • It also began an association with the Canadian Tour, co-sanctioning three events.
  • For the race to be sanctioned, a variety of rules must be followed.
  • These are some of the countries sanctioned by the US and the reasons why.
  • In these cases, it is necessary to have some sanctions on hand.
  • In addition, each sanctioning organization holds its national championships each year.
  • Catherine first states that law should have sanction and should provide equal protection to all.
  • Despite this, it has always gone on with limited sanction, and it can be difficult to spot.
  • This was the era before official sanctioning bodies and individual tracks had their own race series and championships.
  • Due to economic sanctions used against activists, she lost her job at the department store.
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Meaning of sanction

  • noun Formal and explicit approval
    a Democrat usually gets the union's endorsement
  • noun A mechanism of social control for enforcing a society's standards
  • noun The act of final authorization
    it had the sanction of the church
  • verb Give authority or permission to
  • verb Give religious sanction to, such as through on oath
    sanctify the marriage