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  • Spirit has also found its work sampled by modern artists several times.
  • The following is a sample of some records set during the existence of the league.
  • These samples would be returned to Earth for study three years later.
  • The dead time must be known such that the time between samples T can be established.
  • Because of its very small size, such a system can be placed close to a sampling site.
  • The first uses dried blood, while the other two use whole blood samples.
  • Several songs from the album would later be sampled by other artists.
  • The most common reason for sampling is to obtain information about a population.
  • Several songs from the album have continued to be widely covered and sampled.
  • Other lines are often used, depending on the type of sample and equipment available.
  • Their work has also been sampled in more modern music.
  • Most studies only sample part of a population, so results don't fully represent the whole population.
  • However, rather than sampling the original songs, they re-record the relevant parts.
  • Additional skin samples were taken to attempt to determine the cause of the hair loss.
  • Feet models are also in high demand, particularly those who fit sample size shoes.
  • The collection of all results is called the sample space of the experiment.
  • Jackson stated that this could not have been possible if the sampled area was a later addition.
  • The first is to increase the sample size of the study.
  • The game is notable for its use of sampled sounds to great effect.
  • His method of data analysis and his large sample size gave credibility to his data.
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Meaning of sample

  • noun A small part of something intended as representative of the whole
  • noun All or part of a natural object that is collected and preserved as an example of its class
  • verb Take a sample of
    Try these new crackers, Sample the regional dishes