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  • Sadly many players have been unable to play on-line for several months.
  • The number of students has since reduced until the school was sadly forced to close.
  • Sadly two of her own sons also died, both at very young ages.
  • Sadly he never returned to put his new ideas to the test.
  • Despite their strong feelings for each other, both sadly go their separate ways for now.
  • Sadly this was not completed until five years after his death.
  • The young man's mind turns sadly back to his student days.
  • She would have married but the relationships always ended sadly and so she never did.
  • Sadly his wife died suddenly only a few weeks later.
  • The new team also started working on a new version of the game, which sadly was never completed.
  • Sadly this was too late for at least one major company.
  • Sadly, the event has sometimes not been held in recent years.
  • I mainly stayed with the hope to change that decision, but sadly never could.
  • A film which sadly is not known as well as it should be.
  • But sadly there are no clear evidence for the origin and age of the church.
  • I am one of the characters that sadly wasn't part of the plan.
  • Sadly for the company, it would seem that the public did not buy.
  • Sadly, this development opened the way for legal battles during the years to come.
  • Tommy subsequently went to live with his father's brother who then sadly died two years later.
  • It is believed that he retired altogether the following year, but sadly nothing more is known about him.
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Meaning of sadly

  • adverb In an unfortunate way
    sadly he died before he could see his grandchild
  • adverb With sadness; in a sad manner
    `She died last night,' he said sadly