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  • Info Sacred means revered due to association with holiness. more...
  • After this month, sacred stories must not be told to the young people.
  • One of the names they gave to it was the sacred disease.
  • Each took position on his respective hill and prepared a sacred space there.
  • It is the time to begin to tell the sacred stories.
  • The space within which men lived had to be marked and protected by a sacred fire.
  • They often are considered sacred accounts and can be found in nearly all known religious traditions.
  • They built a shrine around the stone and it became a sacred object.
  • She's in a sacred space and you feel that.
  • The lake was considered the most sacred lake by the Indians and it was also the meeting point.
  • Some consider it as a part of a sacred language.
  • The inner city is characterized by its small houses and sacred buildings.
  • The term tree of life may also be used as a synonym for sacred tree.
  • Family and friends recommended she continue secular and sacred works, which she did.
  • There was a sacred spring from which water had to be drawn in silence, it was so holy.
  • It is especially associated with women and sacred objects.
  • For his first festival he was commissioned to write a sacred choral work.
  • For him, this sexual love is a form of worship, an experience of the sacred.
  • Across the East-West street there is a second sacred area, north of the preceding.
  • This is the month of many ceremonies, and the time for sacred stories.
  • The Church herself does require a full measure of freedom, a sacred freedom, to carry out her mission.
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Meaning of sacred

  • adjective Concerned with religion or religious purposes
    sacred texts, sacred rites, sacred music