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  • Could she be sabotaging the team to show them just how important she really is?
  • They try to escape with their car, but find it has been sabotaged.
  • Police later announced their finding that the event was an act of sabotage.
  • The car jack also was sabotaged to prevent it from going under the car.
  • The group he led also cut telephone and power lines and sabotaged power stations.
  • It was taken several times by both sides; each sabotaging the others' position.
  • He performed other sabotage missions before being captured by German soldiers a few days later.
  • He sabotages the business before it gets off the ground, and goes back to crime.
  • Only one sabotage mission is known to have been launched in England.
  • Therefore, production that does not directly increase personal well-being is waste, or economic sabotage.
  • They carried out several acts of sabotage and protest before being destroyed by German forces.
  • There were numerous stories of the two sabotaging each other's equipment and fighting on stage.
  • He took part in several sabotage actions against the Nazi forces, among others.
  • They are frequently seen trying to sabotage the good work of the Star Fleet.
  • The whole project has been sabotaged by Mary not being able to sing it.
  • Meanwhile, the prisoners are working as little as possible and sabotaging whatever they can.
  • Members sabotaged factory equipment and broke into factory offices and trade union headquarters.
  • However, one of the most effective uses of sabotage is against organizations.
  • However, production was kept down by sabotage and slow work by the employees.
  • A modern form of sabotage is the distribution of software intended to damage specific industrial systems.
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Meaning of sabotage

  • noun A deliberate act of destruction or disruption in which equipment is damaged
  • verb Destroy property or hinder normal operations
    The Resistance sabotaged railroad operations during the war