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  • He was awarded the King's Polar Medal upon their return.
  • He was awarded the King's Polar Medal for the success of the expedition.
  • Let us conceive a particle of air situated immediately over the earth's polar axis. Cited from Outlines of the Earth's History, by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
  • These are emphasized in a complex number's polar form.
  • A secondary purpose was to experiment with food rations and equipment in advance of the coming summer's polar journey.
  • When I saw Mr. Hagenbeck's polar bear show, it gave me shivers of fear. Cited from The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals, by Hornaday
  • Vize Island's polar station is one of the northernmost in the world.
  • This is due to the increase in declination, or decrease in the star's polar distance. Cited from Scientific American Sup. No. 360, by Various
  • He co-led Portugal's polar science, education and outreach activities during the International Polar Year.
  • GEO satellites do not cover the earth's polar regions.
  • It was to have been operated as part of the CryoSat programme to study the Earth's polar ice caps.
  • Over the past several decades Earth's polar ice caps have gained a significant amount of attention due to their alarming decrease in land and sea ice.
  • During their investigations they also discovered polar motion, the movement of the Earth's polar axis relative to the crust.
  • It provides surveillance of airspace from potential incursions or attacks from across North America's polar region.
  • Data from NASA's Polar program confirms that the average elevation change above "was not significant".
  • Snow and ice cover most of the Earth's polar regions throughout the year, but the coverage at lower latitudes depends on season and elevation.
  • The ring is usually calibrated in either knots or meters per second and its markings are based on the aircraft's polar curve.
  • Essentially that show's polar opposite, Superstar USA told contestants they were looking for the best singer when they were actually looking for the worst.
  • Some chroniclers have suggested that excessive reliance on manhauling may have cost the lives of Scott's polar party.
  • Storm learned to be an accomplished dancer and became an excellent ice skater at Houston's Polar Palace.
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