s flood

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  • The land is mostly level since much of it is on the river's flood plain.
  • Moreover, one season's flood may be ten or more times as great as that in another year.
  • Here's the spring-head of pleasure's flood! Cited from The Home Book of Verse, by Burton E. Stevenson V3
  • The town was partially built on the river's flood plain.
  • She saw tears of goodness in their eyes, and her own soul's flood burst forth. Cited from Choice Readings for the Home Circle, by Anonymous
  • The terrain here is very flat, because it used to be in the river's flood plain.
  • Hall Leys Park is now a central part of the town's flood protection.
  • The storm tide responsible became known as the First Saint Elizabeth's flood.
  • The new regional flood protection authorities assumed control of the Board's flood protection infrastructure.
  • "But how on earth can we set fire to it with this Noah's flood coming down?" Cited from The Scouts of Stonewall, by Joseph A Altsheler
  • Its walls have been re-strengthened, as part of London's flood defences.
  • And sweet thou singest as when fully ran Youth's flood-tide. Cited from Punch, Vol. 101, August 15, 1891, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • The terrain slopes slightly from south to north along the Still's flood plain, but appears level.
  • "To-morrow's flood will see me off, wind and weather permitting." Cited from Standish of Standish, by Jane G. Austin
  • Oh, how it would do my heart much good To see some of the giants before Noe's flood! Cited from Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. I., Dodsley
  • Can scenes like these withdraw thee from thy wood, Thy upland forest, or thy valley's flood? Cited from The Borough, by George Crabbe
  • Winter's thunder and summer's flood Bode old England no good. Cited from Round About a Great Estate, by Richard Jefferies
  • We all know the history of Noah's flood. Cited from The Gospel of the Pentateuch, by Charles Kingsley
  • To prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in the future, the city's flood plain is no longer allowed to be built upon.
  • In addition, a reservoir's flood control capacity is the amount of water it can regulate during flooding.
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