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  • He is involved with several bands in London's avant-garde music scene.
  • He was also engaged in Paris's avant-garde intellectual life.
  • There he met many European exiles and the city's avant-garde.
  • Club Evenings puts contemporary classical and today's avant garde club music into same context.
  • Moore was born and raised amidst New York City's avant-garde art scene of the 1970s.
  • Known for creativity and inventiveness, frequently he is described as leading Latin America's avant-garde.
  • He inspired many Nigerian artists and Africanist art historians, including some of the world's avant-garde.
  • This piece has plenty of Catalan folk elements and belong to the composer's avant-garde period.
  • This technique created a drone effect similar to their experimentation in Young's avant-garde ensemble.
  • At 23 years old, she started a photography business for New York's avant-garde scene of artists and musicians.
  • The method is also used by some of Japan's avant-garde dollmakers, who adapt the old materials to new visions.
  • She began photographing New York City's avant-garde East Village scene at 15 years old.
  • The Festival announced the composer's arrival on the international scene, and he quickly became a favorite of the West's avant-garde musical elite.
  • He had become a part of Toronto's avant-garde community, along with other artists, musicians and writers, centred around Queen Street West.
  • Gallery East opened in December 1979 and quickly gained prominence as the home for Boston's avant-garde and alternative culture.
  • As a result, Thayer fired him in 1914 and announced an end to the magazine's avant-garde content and a return to more traditional material.
  • Stoclet shared Hoffmann's avant-garde artistic inclinations, and commissioned the latter to build him his own villa.
  • The group mixed Golden and Looker's avant garde compositions alongside standards and lesser-known elements of the jazz canon.
  • There she forged connections with artists active in New York's avant-garde theatre scene as well as the Black Panther Party.
  • Einstein's avant-garde orientation and leftist political sympathies made him a marked man for right-wing attacks during the Weimar Republic.
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