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  • Of course the man was ruthless and of course he knew his purpose.
  • He quickly became a unit commander and gradually built up his ruthless reputation.
  • He became a hard and often ruthless man, who pursued his goals without regard to others.
  • He was also a cold, ruthless and effective fighter who would do anything to win.
  • His agents worked throughout the western areas and were ruthless in competition.
  • His enemies were ruthless, especially when it concerned their own position and that of their sons.
  • He is a shrewd, ruthless political player who can turn any situation to his advantage.
  • They believed that he was too nice, and not ruthless enough to be successful.
  • However, for the most part, she is just as ruthless and cruel as her father.
  • When she engaged in hand-to-hand combat, she was ruthless and very brutal.
  • He also gives a first glimpse into the ruthless way he conducts his business affairs.
  • She tells him that to have her, he must be as cruel and ruthless as she is.
  • At the same time, he could be ruthless when crossed.
  • He is the more athletic of the two agents and also the more ruthless.
  • Post brain tumor, he is no longer evil, more ruthless than evil.
  • They both released records on Ruthless Records prior to that.
  • The Engine makes him into a ruthless killing machine dedicated to keeping him alive at all costs.
  • The character is revealed to be far more cruel and ruthless than his present incarnation.
  • However, the group's potential was already apparent, and Ruthless Records continued to support them.
  • They are brought before King Twala, who rules over his people with ruthless violence.
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