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  • She let her hand go out and her fingers rustled through his hair. Cited from Planet of the Damned, by Harry Harrison
  • Yet were he to rustle a paper he knew that she would hear it. Cited from The Last Shot, by Frederick Palmer
  • The rustle of paper told her that he had turned back to his letters. Cited from Mary Wollaston, by Henry Kitchell Webster
  • Now and again one of them would see something move, or hear a little rustling sound. Cited from The King Nobody Wanted, by Norman F. Langford
  • The leaves were for the most part dry enough again to rustle under their feet. Cited from Ethel Morton's Enterprise, by Mabell S.C. Smith
  • I can put you through for rustling any time I have a mind to move. Cited from The Sheriff's Son, by William MacLeod Raine
  • He heard a rustle behind him, and turned to face his wife. Cited from Mr. Britling Sees It Through, by H. G. Wells
  • She too moved, and the rustle of her dress seemed to reach him. Cited from The Necromancers, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • She heard a slight rustle near her, and she started and opened her eyes. Cited from Bella Donna, by Robert Hichens
  • And as he did so a little rustle of air went through the grass about him. Cited from The Country of the Blind, And Other Stories, by H. G. Wells
  • Below him the winter wind made a rustling in the dead leaves. Cited from The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston
  • Once again she heard the rustling, and wished that she had her gun. Cited from The She Boss, by Arthur Preston Hankins
  • I could hear the grass rustling as he drew close to where I lay. Cited from My First Voyage to Southern Seas, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • There was silence around her and then a soft rustling at some distance. Cited from Legacy, by James H Schmitz
  • Just then I heard a rustle and I could see a black form quite near. Cited from Roy Blakely, Pathfinder, by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  • Quite a bit of rustling has been going on in the territory of late.
  • The desire for action rustled among these men of few words and mighty arms. Cited from In Kedar's Tents, Henry Seton Merriman
  • I would that you could hear with me the rustling sounds I hear in music now! Cited from Bohemian Days, by Geo. Alfred Townsend
  • One day my lady came down later than usual, and the silk rustled more than ever. Cited from Black Beauty, Young Folks' Edition, by Anna Sewell
  • A little in advance he heard the rustle of leaves, and went on quickly. Cited from In Search of the Okapi, by Ernest Glanville
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Root form of rustling is rustle for the verb.

Words starting with rustling

Meaning of rustling

  • noun The stealing of cattle
  • noun A light noise, like the noise of silk clothing or leaves blowing in the wind
  • verb Make a dry crackling sound
    rustling silk, the dry leaves were rustling in the breeze
  • verb Take illegally
    rustle cattle
  • verb Forage food