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  • Rush also recorded parts of their first album at the same studio.
  • The film was rushed into production after the success of the first.
  • This started a minor and short-lived gold rush into the area.
  • He would later say that the program was rushed through too quickly and not given enough thought.
  • Troops could then rush onto the walls and into the castle or city.
  • Travel time is longer during rush hour times due to large volume of traffic.
  • She was rushed off stage and taken to a local hospital.
  • They rush back to Earth to place him in half-life.
  • Suddenly, a private rushes in to tell both of them to come outside.
  • They rushed production to complete three more by that date.
  • The team then rushes back to the hotel, but they are too late.
  • He comes to know about his mother's condition and rushes to the hospital.
  • When he saw the enemy, he rushed upon him without thinking of such and such and order of battle.
  • On reaching the door he stood still for a moment, then rushed down stairs. Cited from Debit and Credit, by Gustav Freytag
  • The buses also run more frequently during the rush hours in the morning and evening.
  • At the time, he was leading the league in both rushing and scoring.
  • Although he was rushed to a local hospital, he died during surgery.
  • The players rushed into the building and rescued two women and a three-year-old child.
  • John said not another word, but rushed up stairs and threw the street-door wide open. Cited from Cat and Dog, by Julia Charlotte Maitland
  • He received treatment on the pitch for quite a long time before being rushed to a hospital.
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Meaning of rush

  • noun A sudden forceful flow
  • noun Grasslike plants growing in wet places and having cylindrical often hollow stems
  • noun Physician and american revolutionary leader; signer of the declaration of independence (1745-1813)
  • noun A sudden burst of activity
    come back after the rush
  • noun (american football) an attempt to advance the ball by running into the line
    the linebackers were ready to stop a rush
  • verb Move fast
    He rushed down the hall to receive his guests, The cars raced down the street
  • verb Attack suddenly
  • verb Urge to an unnatural speed
    Don't rush me, please!
  • verb Act or move at high speed
    We have to rush!, hurry--it's late!
  • verb Run with the ball, in football