running parallel

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  • The road runs parallel with the railway line for most of its length.
  • They run parallel to the main mountain range in a west to east direction.
  • After a time they drew close together, running parallel and at top speed. Cited from The Covered Wagon, by Emerson Hough
  • The story runs parallel to the film, however has a new set of characters.
  • To the west of the station the four tracks run parallel over a bridge.
  • The main building ran parallel to the railway on the south side up at road level.
  • The new line runs parallel to the already existing one in about two miles distance.
  • Previously, the two lines had run parallel as independent single-track lines.
  • This railway line will run parallel to the long existing railway line.
  • Its northern section ran parallel to the northern side of the later cathedral.
  • The story of our church runs parallel with that of the city. Cited from The Lutherans of New York, by George Wenner
  • The football field itself ran parallel with the first base line.
  • The book is not based upon her movie, although it does run parallel to it.
  • Again a former railway line also runs parallel with the road.
  • A key part of the German supply line ran parallel with the front.
  • So far he had run parallel to the line of battle. Cited from Memories, by Fannie A. (Mrs.) Beers
  • Behind the houses there is often a back lane running parallel with the street.
  • She looked up at him once or twice as if some thought was running parallel with his story. Cited from An Unpardonable Liar, by Gilbert Parker
  • It runs parallel to the main railway line which is one block to the east.
  • Much of the city is located on a low range of hills running parallel to the coast.
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