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  • But throughout his life time, there were rumours of him having a secret wife and child.
  • They also denied any of the rumours with school children being in the game.
  • There have also been rumours about a Pacific Islands team being included too.
  • Rumours say she's now working on her solo album too.
  • Despite later rumours however there is no reason to think that the King wished for her death.
  • Upon his death two rumours spread in the local community.
  • According to rumours, the name may have been changed in effort not to name a training ship after a lost one.
  • At various times during this time he was linked in rumours to a return to a full race seat.
  • There were even rumours that the nobility would rise if the marriage took place.
  • Rumours, however, of his work, and of a new edition, were heard from time to time.
  • However, rumours and jokes about their relationship were common among soldiers who did not know the two.
  • There were, however, rumours of a political murder by the authorities which remained current for many years.
  • The record contained each song of the original Rumours covered by a different act influenced by it.
  • The lack of corroborating evidence led to even more rumours after the war ended.
  • Rumours emerged that new episodes would be produced later in the year.
  • The length of time between album releases has led to rumours in the media concerning her health or appearance.
  • There were some rumours that the band was working on a new album, but the band has denied.
  • They also gave rise to rumours that his success was due to his bribing musical critics.
  • She worked almost exclusively in black-and-white, though there are rumours that she had done some color work as well.
  • Rumours immediately began in the media about physical abuse, a possible sexual relationship, and even murder.
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Root form of rumours is rumour for both verb and noun.