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  • It is rumoured that he also set up a vast information network.
  • A broken man, he was rumoured to have cast himself in the sea and killed himself.
  • An English version is rumoured to have been recorded but never released.
  • It is rumoured that they've been sitting on the rights for some time.
  • Two months later, the club was rumoured to be closed, this was not yet the case.
  • It was later rumoured he had signed with the latter, though he had not at the time.
  • A new series was rumoured in the late 1990s but nothing came of it.
  • The building, however has now been secured as it is rumoured to be sold.
  • It was later rumoured that it was she who killed him.
  • Hill was rumoured to be working on an original feature film.
  • The stories take place at a period when the possibility of revolution is rumoured.
  • Richard orders him to take a castle that is rumoured to hold a gold statue.
  • It was even rumoured that the palace's roof was constructed entirely of gold.
  • It was rumoured that the party had committed to making him president, but did not.
  • Through most of that year it was rumoured that the band had essentially broken up.
  • Over the years, many stadium designs and ideas were rumoured in the media.
  • It was also rumoured that he was giving up his acting career for pursuing a political career.
  • Talks of more singles and a third album were rumoured over the following months.
  • It is rumoured that treasure lies below the peak but no one has ever found it.
  • It is rumoured to have been taken to Moscow after the war, where development may have continued.
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Root form of rumoured is rumour for the verb.