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  • Though her having several children could be no more than rumour.
  • But throughout his life time, there were rumours of him having a secret wife and child.
  • Rumour mills went quickly into action about where Les would turn up next?
  • The rumour at the time of release was a possible tour following this album.
  • They also denied any of the rumours with school children being in the game.
  • It was the rumour that she might be found in this place that brought him here.
  • But it was no more than a rumour and nothing came of it.
  • No evidence was found and the rumour has subsequently been regarded as false.
  • There have also been rumours about a Pacific Islands team being included too.
  • It is rumoured that he also set up a vast information network.
  • A broken man, he was rumoured to have cast himself in the sea and killed himself.
  • However, it is not clear whether these stories were based on industry rumour or official sources.
  • Rumour has it he has seen every movie ever made.
  • Rumours say she's now working on her solo album too.
  • Despite later rumours however there is no reason to think that the King wished for her death.
  • Upon his death two rumours spread in the local community.
  • En route, she heard a rumour that her husband had died.
  • For a rumour was going about that the emperor had sent an army there.
  • He never left her side in a ball-room, and rumour was busy with their names. Cited from Patsy, by S. R. Crockett
  • An English version is rumoured to have been recorded but never released.
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