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  • But it did cross at last, and went rumbling away into the distance. Cited from Round-about Rambles in Lands of Fact and Fancy, Frank Richard Stockton
  • Due to this, many games that originally supported the rumble feature no longer support it.
  • The car rumbled toward them as if it were feeling its way. Cited from Bob Cook and the German Spy,Tomlinson, Paul Greene
  • With the coming of air about the ship, they no longer made a mere rumbling. Cited from Operation: Outer Space, by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • The old man stood still and listened until the rumbling had died away. Cited from Men in War, by Andreas Latzko
  • The resulting rumble could be felt by audience members as well as heard.
  • For a time his voice was heard rumbling off with increasing distance. Cited from Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House), by James S. De Benneville
  • It will give out a low, rumbling sound, which can be gradually increased in power. Cited from Home Pastimes; or Tableaux Vivants, by James H. Head
  • The only sound he heard was the rumbling of a train, gradually drawing away. Cited from The Desert of Wheat, by Zane Grey
  • Two hours later my train rumbled out of the station and headed for Scotland. Cited from John Henry Smith, by Frederick Upham Adams
  • As he spoke, a low rumbling sound was heard behind them. Cited from Rivers of Ice, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • The following year's event was the first Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.
  • His voice rumbled out of his throat and the girl looked at him, her mouth standing open. Cited from Marching Men, by Sherwood Anderson
  • From the little stone station a queer old coach rumbles away down a wide country road. Cited from The Half-Back, by Ralph Henry Barbour
  • The official name of the radio show is now Rumble in the Morning.
  • Next was the match the event was based on - the Royal Rumble match.
  • "Why did he ever come here to sleep?" he asked in his rumbling bass voice. Cited from The Abandoned Room, by Wadsworth Camp
  • There is a strange rumbling over the castle and no one can explain it.
  • Three video games based on School Rumble have been developed and released in Japan.
  • A moment later a string of cars came rumbling up along-side of the platform. Cited from The Boy from the Ranch, by Frank V. Webster
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Meaning of rumble

  • noun A loud low dull continuous noise
    they heard the rumbling of thunder
  • noun A servant's seat (or luggage compartment) in the rear of a carriage
  • noun A fight between rival gangs of adolescents
  • verb Make a low noise
    rumbling thunder