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  • He quickly entered politics, determined to become a member of the ruling class.
  • It is usually covered by the same court rulings as straight passing off.
  • She will lead the women of a village when her family collective is the ruling one.
  • One such consequence could be variety of different rulings in the same subject.
  • The US situation is under court ruling with a case in California.
  • Each greater level of assembly has ruling authority over its constituent members.
  • For example, she often gave them ruling positions in her cabinet and other important decision making positions.
  • Many other Court rulings have established or supported the right of parents to provide home education.
  • The Court also based its opinion in part on two earlier rulings.
  • Such rulings were nothing less than a death sentence for the religious institute.
  • The rulings of the court are not always independent of the military government.
  • Only men with sufficient wealth and a long enough residence within the city could join the ruling class.
  • After initially promising a court fight, she decided not to appeal his ruling.
  • The reasons of the court ruling were not revealed to the public.
  • This has led to many court rulings highly critical of the orders.
  • This ruling not only gave the media access to the files, but also gave schools access.
  • Three of these parties were ruling parties in the past.
  • They went from ruling that region to rule almost all of the Italian Peninsula.
  • If the Act became law, its meaning and effects would probably have been determined by court rulings.
  • Besides ruling with considerable power, he was also an author and composer.
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Root form of ruling is rule for the verb.

Words starting with ruling

Meaning of ruling

  • verb Decide with authority
    The King decreed that all firstborn males should be killed
  • verb Decide on and make a declaration about
    find someone guilty
  • verb Have an affinity with; of signs of the zodiac
  • verb Mark or draw with a ruler
    rule the margins
  • verb Keep in check
    rule one's temper