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  • Rugby union is also played on the island to a minor degree.
  • Rugby is also a popular sport at the club and school level.
  • There is also a rugby club situated behind the football ground.
  • This serves both the football and rugby league teams as well as other members of the association.
  • There are three local football teams, and a rugby union club including teams for women and young women.
  • Rugby Union is very popular in the city and is widely played at all levels.
  • The top-level rugby competition begun by those schools all those years ago continues to this day.
  • Rugby league is played in the town, at a number of clubs, past and present.
  • Both sons went on to represent the national rugby union team.
  • There are several professional football and rugby teams as well as wrestling clubs.
  • The town is also home to many amateur football, rugby and cricket teams.
  • The competition has attracted a number professional and semi-professional rugby union players from Italy.
  • They play in student rugby league competitions as well as open age leagues.
  • York also has a strong rugby league history.
  • Firhill has been used by other football teams and for rugby over the years.
  • Rugby league is a popular sport in some regions of the UK.
  • Rugby union is played between two teams - the one that scores more points wins the game.
  • The two main types of rugby are rugby league and rugby union.
  • Test also represented his country with the national under-20 rugby union team.
  • The England national rugby league team are ranked third in the world and first in Europe.
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  • noun A form of football played with an oval ball