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  • It is both parts of the process which form a completed row.
  • After service, the players in the front row move into their assigned positions.
  • A player or team cannot hit the ball twice in a row.
  • The elements of M need not appear in any special order in the first row.
  • Both schools have received an A from the state more than five years in a row.
  • Soldiers begin the game located on every other point one row back from the edge of the river.
  • This would when first made have been a less prominent position, right at the end of the row.
  • This was the third season in a row that the Stars lost in the first round.
  • The name can be updated more easily in one row of one table.
  • With more than one table, the result set will be every combination of rows.
  • We place the natural numbers along the top row.
  • There are instances where the same common word appears up to three times in a row.
  • The prison is also home to maximum security general population (non-death row).
  • They will rest in the same spot for several days in a row, before moving to a new spot.
  • They may be recognized by the arrangement of their eight eyes into three rows.
  • A bridge is on the top of the image, and a row of buildings to the left.
  • After the initial fight for good running position, the horses usually form two rows or tracks.
  • David had no fixed plan in his mind, as he rowed across to the land. Cited from Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories, by Arthur Christopher Benson
  • The prison houses the state's death row for women.
  • When the ladies were on board the men quickly rowed towards their village with them.
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Meaning of row

  • noun An arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line
    a row of chairs
  • noun A long continuous strip (usually running horizontally)
    a mackerel sky filled with rows of clouds, rows of barbed wire protected the trenches
  • noun A linear array of numbers, letters, or symbols side by side
  • noun A continuous chronological succession without an interruption
    they won the championship three years in a row
  • verb Propel with oars
    row the boat across the lake