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  • Info A rout is a chaotic and disorderly retreat or withdrawal of troops from a battlefield, resulting in the victory of the opposing party, or following defeat, a collapse of discipline, or poor morale.
  • Several changes have been made to the routing of the highway since then.
  • Successful power routing of a circuit makes each system slowly come on-line.
  • This policy would result in traffic through Britain being routed through nine selected lines.
  • The highway followed a different routing in place than it does today.
  • And none of her other routs from the family enemy had been quite like this one. Cited from V. V.'s Eyes, by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • Instead, they must now determine the actual network of every number before routing the call.
  • A group of base stations is named a location area, or a routing area.
  • If so this information may have led to the Northern rout in that battle.
  • The party was routed in this election and lost official party status in the assembly.
  • They also do not support the re-routing of service in the event of a failure.
  • The player needs to plan there routs as the character can die of old age.
  • This policy would result in traffic being routed along nine lines.
  • This resulted in the railroad line being routed through the middle of the community.
  • Then I run over to C-bar-nine and routs the boys out. Cited from Red Saunders' Pets and Other Critters, by Henry Wallace Phillips
  • If vehicles are too large, point-to-point routing also becomes more expensive.
  • Traffic from one network to the other is then primarily routed through that direct link.
  • This was the turning point of the battle, which soon turned into a complete rout.
  • At first all went well and body after body of the rebels was routed.
  • It is being constructed to complete the routing to the state line.
  • In general, the campaign seemed lost, and nobody knew where the rout would end.
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Meaning of rout

  • noun An overwhelming defeat
  • verb Cause to flee
    rout out the fighters from their caves
  • verb Dig with the snout
    the pig was rooting for truffles
  • verb Make a groove in