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  • On this farm the town of Rouseville has been built since the purchase. Cited from Cleveland Past and Present, by Maurice Joblin
  • There's old man George Price up about Rouseville, he's got a mighty fine crap -- always does have, you know. Cited from Bricks Without Straw, by Albion W. Tourgee
  • He drove a baggage wagon; afterwards he became the baggage master at the depot in Rouseville. Cited from Watch Yourself Go By, by Al. G. Field
  • The route curves east before turning northeast again, heading through more wooded areas with some fields and homes as Rouseville Road and passing through Plumer.
  • Other communities that it serves include: the borough of Rouseville, and townships of Oakland, President, and Cornplanter.
  • The western terminus is at PA 8 in Rouseville.
  • In December 2005, the WNY&P expanded further with the lease from NS of the ex-Erie Franklin Secondary and associated lines between Meadville and Rouseville, just north of Oil City.