rough rule of thumb

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  • A rough rule of thumb is one inlet per of floor area.
  • Despite its wide use, the PEG ratio is only a rough rule of thumb.
  • These measurements clearly depend on the individual subject, and the above should be treated as rough rule of thumb approximations only.
  • As a rough rule of thumb, do not consider less than 300 feet per minute average air speed through the empty workspace of the autoclave.
  • A very rough rule of thumb to significance is that values greater than +2 or less than -2 are likely to be significant.
  • The Spanish rate, over 6% before the line of credit was approved, approached 7%, a rough rule of thumb indicator of serious trouble.
  • A rough rule of thumb is that the incidence of baldness in males corresponds to chronological age.
  • As a rough rule of thumb, if Durbin-Watson is less than 1.0, there may be cause for alarm.
  • Robert Zubrin has said that as a rough rule of thumb, 15% of the landed weight of a vehicle needs to be aerobraking reentry shielding.
  • A rough rule of thumb is that one should see at least 5 cases in which the indicator is 1 and at least 5 in which it is 0.
  • Only twice during every sidereal day does Polaris accurately define the true north azimuth; the rest of the time it is slightly displaced to East or West, and to bearing must be corrected using tables or a rough rule of thumb.
  • The thickness varies with internal temperature, ranging from a bare minimum of two to three inches up to three to four times that, the rough rule of thumb being one inch per hundred degrees F. Economically, the biggest effect is to raise the pressure vessel cost by increasing its diameter.
  • A very rough rule of thumb is that there is a loss of about one line on an eye chart for each additional 0.25 to 0.5 diopters of refractive error.
  • As a rough rule of thumb for these taxonomies, there are multiple 'orders of magnitude' of diagnostic data in level 1 vs. level 2 vs. level 3 service tools.
  • Slate contributor Jack Shafer opined that "Journalists almost everywhere observe this rough rule of thumb: Three murders at a Midwestern college equal one murder at Harvard or Yale."
  • A rough rule of thumb to determine the morphine content of pulverised dried poppy straw is to divide the percentage expected for the strain or crop via the latex method by eight or an empirically determined factor, which is often in the range of 5 to 15.
  • As a rough rule of thumb, 100 pages in 1900, or 200 pages in 1950, or 500 pages in 2000 is unusually long for a proof.