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  • He gave the other half to one of the rottenest lines that comes out of this country. Cited from Tales of the Road, by Charles N. Crewdson
  • They knew I was feeling pretty rotten, and they tried to give me time to rest.
  • This caused loss of time and caused products to become rotten.
  • This book revealed the rotten policy in the north-west side.
  • It's the rottenest kind of sharp practice, but it won't do any good. Cited from The Octopus, by Frank Norris [A California Story]2
  • It was sure the rottenest exhibition I ever seen in my life. Cited from The Young Pitcher, by Zane Grey
  • "This house has been about the rottenest place ever, for I don't know how long!" Cited from Saturday's Child, by Kathleen Norris
  • She said the dead bodies were so rotten that the arms and legs tore away when they were moved.
  • In the first five days of the course, no food was issued, while for the rest of the period only rotten animals were allowed.
  • He described himself as a "rotten actor" as a youth and said his success was primarily due to his good looks.
  • Perhaps the whole thing was the rotten screenplay, I don't know.
  • As to the horse, I say nothing; except that it was the rottenest horse you ever tried to sell. Cited from The Shewing-Up Of Blanco Posnet, by Shaw
  • Not a hundred years may you delight in all the rotten baubles of this earth.
  • Snow on rocks is usually rotten unless it is thick; snow on snow is likely to be sound.
  • According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has received two positive and one negative review.
  • Another European and American tour followed, which resulted in the live album Extremely Rotten Live.
  • It can be used by the wasps to bore into and lay eggs inside rotten wood.
  • It was the rottenest and least encouraging camp I have ever seen. Cited from Bullets & Billets, by Bruce Bairnsfather
  • However, many rotten boroughs remained and it still excluded millions of working class men and all women.
  • Rotten Tomatoes has ranked her as the second greatest female action heroine in film history.
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