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  • While the meat was roasting, the women went over to watch the men playing. Cited from The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone, by Margaret A. McIntyre
  • The process of roasting is a very particular one and requires quite a time to get the best results. Cited from The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island, by Roger Thompson Finlay
  • He seemed to relish it much and next morning we left him roasting a large piece. Cited from Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 2 (of 2), by Thomas Mitchell
  • We quickly got our shell-fish, and began roasting them. Cited from In the Eastern Seas, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • I wonder if you are sitting by an open window, as I am, and roasting at that? Cited from The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss, by George L. Prentiss
  • The company also markets directly to the major international coffee roasting companies.
  • While the men were roasting their eggs, their eyes wandered over everything within view, far and near. Cited from The Book of the Bush, by George Dunderdale
  • After building a fire and roasting part of his kill, Mark again feels he is being watched.
  • Like everywhere else on this coast it is roasting hot in summer.
  • Always then having a hole in the left shoulder he worked after the war in a coffee roasting shop.
  • Their own fish did not take long roasting. Cited from The Log House by the Lake, by William H. G. Kingston
  • The company also had a roasting plant in New Orleans for many years.
  • The next step in the process is the roasting of the green coffee.
  • In warm weather joints require slightly less time for roasting than in cold. Cited from The Story of Crisco, by Marion Harris Neil
  • Would you add the small favour of roasting it for us, ma'am? Cited from Jack of Both Sides, by Florence Coombe
  • What is the use of having a tropical sun if you do not make it do some fire-work for you beyond nearly roasting you to death? Cited from For Fortune and Glory, by Lewis Hough
  • Foot roasting is a method of torture used since ancient times.
  • They'd wait till he got there with his fresh beans and roasting ears. Cited from Slave Narratives, Arkansas Part 2, by Work Projects Administration
  • Some honeymooner from down there had written home about it, roasting the government. Cited from A Book of Burlesques, by H. L. Mencken
  • Cook slowly while the fowl is roasting for one and one-half hours. Cited from Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book, by Mary A. Wilson
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Root form of roasting is roast for the verb.

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Meaning of roasting

  • noun Cooking (meat) by dry heat in an oven (usually with fat added)
    the slow roasting took several hours
  • verb Cook with dry heat, usually in an oven
    roast the turkey