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  • Once his first beard had been ritually cut off, it was placed in their keeping.
  • These boys are now ritually dead and may not take part in kuttiyottam again.
  • But those terms are only used ritually these days.
  • These would then be arranged in a ritually correct pattern before being buried on the mountain.
  • A person was required to be ritually pure in order to enter the Temple.
  • After four days, the subject has been ritually tamed until he is "human" again.
  • They used to bring pregnant women there to give birth and rear their children in this ritually pure place.
  • This palace was constructed in the first century CE and ritually destroyed a couple centuries later.
  • He wants to do this so she can't be ritually sacrificed, which would give her father great power.
  • Those that practice complete tonsure generally ritually offer the hair to their family deity.
  • According to, a woman was ritually unclean for forty days after giving birth to a male child.
  • A series of bodies appears, some dead by suicide and others ritually sacrificed.
  • The chief queen ritually calls on the king's fellow wives for pity.
  • Although birth was considered to be ritually polluting, a death in the family was thought to be much more so.
  • The old leader is ritually sacrificed and the sword's power is transferred to its new owner.
  • He appears as a god of fertility, who has to be ritually awakened every summer.
  • His team went to the scene and found that the slain soldiers had been ritually mutilated.
  • The bones and grave goods had otherwise been untouched since they had been ritually buried.
  • The following night the prisoners are ritually executed by being burned alive.
  • Because of the work involved, these can cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce to ritually proper standards.
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