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  • Realizing that Risette is also part of her true identity, she voices her plans to return to her idol job by spring.
  • During Yu's interactions with Rise, she is initially happy for leaving behind the title Risette.
  • A similar change was done for Rise Kujikawa's stage name, in Japan to "Risette".
  • Father Guillaume would go down upon his knees before me to get a smile [risette], and Joseph often tells me he swooned when they let him hold me in his arms. Cited from Strange True Stories of Louisiana, by George Washington Cable
  • In an interview, Atlus's Masaru Nanba noted that "Risechie" would not translate well into roman letters for the west, and that the French-sounding "Risette" was chosen instead.
  • Enfin, sait-on si la Fortune n'a pas de risette, sur le tapis vert, pour un bon soldat couture de blessures, decore de l'ordre, et qu'une coquine de femme a entraine graduellement a sa premiere faute, et la derniere, bien entendu? Cited from Contes de Caliban, by Emile Bergerat
  • Combien de fois ses yeux s'etaient-ils mouilles de larmes en voyant mademoiselle de la Roche-Odon prendre l'enfant dans ses bras, lui chatouiller le menton pour lui faire faire risette et l'embrasser quand il avait ri. Cited from Comte du Pape, by Hector Malot

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