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  • The wines are required to age two years prior to release, with an additional year if it is to be a riserva.
  • He was taken to the Palazzo di Riserva where he died the following evening.
  • Most producers will separate their production between a normale and riserva bottling.
  • A separate riserva wine can be made with Perricone provided the wine is aged a minimum of two years prior to release.
  • In some countries the use of the term reserve/reserva/riserva is regulated, but in many places it is not.
  • When subjected to aging of at least five years before release, the wine can be labeled a Riserva.
  • Riserva wine must also have a higher minimum alcohol level of 13%.
  • Using the containers also makes it easier to select which grapes will go into the Riserva.
  • Rosso riserva wines must be aged for a minimum of two years, including six months in bottle.
  • Riserva wines must be aged a minimum of two years.
  • The riserva must be aged for at least 30 months, with at least 12 months in wood.
  • Wines aged by the maker for more than two years may be labeled "Riserva."
  • La Riserva dello Zingaro also to the west with its bay beaches only accessible on foot or boat.
  • A separate Riserva bottling can also be produced provided the wine is aged a minimum of two years prior to release with at least one of those years being spent in oak.
  • The wine is aged in oak barrels for 2 years; three years if it is a riserva.
  • Nevertheless, the quality of Montefalco rosso riserva can be very high, and deserving of attention.
  • If the wine is aged for at least 3 years prior to release, the wine can qualify for a Riserva designation.
  • The wines are aged in barrels for a minimum of three years, four if it is meant to be a Riserva.
  • The Valtellina Superiore Riserva are reserve-style wines that must be aged for at least four years.
  • In the case of Barbera, a separate Riserva wine can also be designated if the wine is aged at least 2 years prior to release.
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