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  • Throughout his career, Risebrough was an agitator, often assigned to pester the opponents' top players.
  • Risebrough shredded the jersey with his skates before tossing it back onto the ice.
  • Edmonton advanced to the Stanley Cup playoffs in each of the three seasons Risebrough was with the organization.
  • Risebrough lost the fight, but ended up with McSorley's jersey, which he shredded with his skates.
  • Immediately after the game, Risebrough relinquished his coaching duties to assistant Guy Charron.
  • Risebrough was named executive vice president and general manager of the Minnesota Wild on September 2, 1999.
  • General Manager Doug Risebrough was later fired, leading to a nearly complete turnover in the Wild's coaching and hockey management staff.
  • Doug Risebrough was named executive vice president/general manager of Minnesota Wild and the Xcel Energy Center was completed and ready for use.
  • Doug Risebrough, Fletcher's former assistant, took over the reins for the Flames.
  • Risebrough remained the Flames' general manager until 1995.
  • The Flames entered the season with a new coach, as they replaced Terry Crisp with Doug Risebrough.
  • After announcing his retirement as a player following the 1986-87 season, Risebrough served two seasons as an assistant coach with the Flames.
  • Following the loss, the Flames fired head coach Terry Crisp, later replacing him with Doug Risebrough.
  • The game was marked by a bench clearing incident when Doug Risebrough and Gare squared off.
  • An off-season salary dispute with Flames' general manager Doug Risebrough carried into the 1991-92 season.
  • Charron served as interim coach for the remainder of the 1991-92 season following Risebrough's resignation.
  • Instead, he established a place with Doug Risebrough and Richard Kromm as Calgary's top defensive line and never returned to the minors.
  • Note: Risebrough and McDonald were co-captains during the 1983-84 season.
  • In one famous chapter of the Battle of Alberta, Risebrough, while playing with the Flames fought with Marty McSorley.
  • On May 22, Chuck Fletcher was named as the new general manager of the Wild, replacing Doug Risebrough.
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