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  • Farmiga later withdrew from the project as she had become pregnant with her second child, and Riseborough replaced her.
  • Riseborough was cast but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.
  • The first dress in which Riseborough appeared as Simpson in the film was a re-creation of the dress owned by Simpson herself.
  • However, one of the bracelets slipped off from Riseborough's arm while shooting, and was lost in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The official poster featured D'Arcy carrying Riseborough on his back in a romantic pose.
  • The existence of this gravel as far towards the west as Riseborough, suggests that the delta is really of much greater magnitude than that indicated in the survey map. Cited from The Evolution Of An English Town, by Gordon Home
  • Riseborough played the role of Wallis Simpson in W.E., a film directed by Madonna.
  • Riseborough's casting in Never Let Me Go was announced in April 2009 by Screen Daily; she had a small role in the film.
  • Gritten complimented Riseborough and Cornish's acting but felt that the film looked like a commercial of expensive items, thus making it appeal to younger women for its fashion portrayal.
  • The film of the novel, which Sheers co-wrote, was released in autumn 2011 and starred Andrea Riseborough.
  • Benson used Riseborough as the name of a town similar to Rye in his novel Mrs Ames (1912).
  • A second poster was also released, which again featured Riseborough and D'Arcy as Wallis and Edward, about to kiss on a beach.
  • Riseborough seems to suggest the existence of some Anglo-Saxon fortress on that very suitable elevation in the Vale of Pickering. Cited from The Evolution Of An English Town, by Gordon Home
  • Andrea Riseborough originally portrayed the character of Annie in the pilot episode of Being Human; when a full series was commissioned she was replaced with Lenora Crichlow.
  • While casting for the film, she asked for a Michael O'Connor wedding dress, in display at the National Museum of Costume in Scotland, for a scene where Riseborough would wear it.
  • Additionally, muralist Douglas Riseborough was employed to update the stair hall and the loggia with murals depicting the surrounding grounds and gardens.
  • Two sets of three well-known brothers played league football after leaving Wagin: Murray, Harry and Phil Riseborough; and Peter, Phil and Wally Matera.
  • Benson's Mrs Ames (1912) was set in Riseborough, which also bore a resemblance to Rye.
  • The nearby Carsaig Estate and surrounding area is the location for the upcoming film The Silent Storm, starring Damian Lewis and Andrea Riseborough.
  • While shooting with Riseborough, Madonna and her team approached jewellery company Cartier to create copies of Simpson's extensive gem collection, which Riseborough had to wear during filming.
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