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  • In his white, still, rippleless way, Senator Hanway hated in his soul's soul the name of Governor Obstinate. Cited from The President, by Alfred Henry Lewis
  • A few minutes past the deck glistened in the sun as each rollicking billow sent its herald over the bows, and here the surface of the river is almost rippleless. Cited from Tropic Days, by E. J. Banfield
  • But, when the morning broke, the pitiless lake shone clear and still, and all the hopelessness of his search flashed on the bereaved man's mind: he dropped his oars, and gazed vacantly over the rippleless surface. Cited from Hetty's Strange History, by Anonymous
  • Solitude rendered rippleless by an absence of any familiar sound; neither the whisk of a maid's broom, the clang of a telephone bell, the buzz of motors, or the slamming of doors. Cited from The Everlasting Whisper, by Jackson Gregory