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  • Limited private ownership rights similar to riparian rights in a surface stream.
  • The agreement does not include fixed water shares for each riparian country.
  • Riparian areas support a wide variety of plants and animals.
  • Environmental damage, and increasing riparian development may continue to increase pressure on the sport.
  • Federal courts have long recognized that state laws establish the extent of the riparian and public right.
  • This allows riparian properties access to water for stock and domestic use until the coming wet season.
  • As mentioned, mineral rights are recognized under various conditions, as are riparian rights.
  • There followed a long series of fights for public access against riparian interests which continue to the present day.
  • A number of rights may be listed as riparian rights.
  • The riparian forests contain trees similar to the original old growth forests.
  • In its native range, it is often found in riparian and wetland areas.
  • The riparian natural areas that remain along the river are of interest to several conservancy organizations.
  • Riparian property organizations want to curtail the use of road ends by the general public.
  • The law gives riparian owners certain rights to water that are incident to possession of the adjacent land.
  • Most commonly, water rights fall into the categories of prior-appropriation water rights and riparian water rights.
  • The agreement does not consider the water rights of other Nile riparian states.
  • They are found only where there is an intact riparian area, as this is a major source of their food.
  • This area of vegetation following a body of water is noted as a riparian zone.
  • Effective solutions include the entire urban watershed, far beyond the riparian channel itself.
  • A deep riparian zone covers the narrow river channel, forming the southern boundary of this area.
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Meaning of riparian

  • adjective Of or relating to or located on the banks of a river or stream
    riparian land