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  • The station was closed by the following day along with the rest of the line over the Rimutaka Ranges.
  • Once the yard had taken shape, work started on the tunnel, which was originally known as Rimutaka Tunnel.
  • Rimutaka schools have also benefited from major donations over the past decade.
  • The Rimutaka Incline was almost always operated by the six members of the H class built specifically for it.
  • The ground on which the station is located was created using fill extracted during the construction of the Rimutaka Tunnel.
  • Rimutaka prison opened the country's first dementia unit in December 2012.
  • Rimutaka remains the longest tunnel in New Zealand with scheduled passenger trains.
  • The town is on the eastern side of the Rimutaka Range close to the northern shore of Lake Wairarapa.
  • Rimutaka was created in ahead of the change to Mixed Member Proportional voting.
  • The course of the incline is open to the public as part of the Rimutaka Rail Trail.
  • Until 1955, the line included the famous Rimutaka Incline, which used the Fell mountain railway system.
  • Members of Parliament elected from party lists in elections where that person also unsuccessfully contested the Rimutaka electorate.
  • It flows generally east from its sources in the Rimutaka Forest Park to reach the southern end of Lake Wairarapa.
  • After the act of parliament was passed, a survey party set out to make preliminary investigations of possible routes for a railway over the Rimutaka Range.
  • In 2010, Rimutaka became the first prison in New Zealand to open a container-cell unit.
  • Preparations were made in 1952 for the increase in traffic levels expected to follow the opening of the Rimutaka tunnel.
  • Numerous landslides were reported along the slopes of the Rimutaka Range.
  • This route included the Rimutaka Incline, which caused the journey time to increase by an hour, a move unpopular with passengers.
  • Access to Wellington before this time could only be achieved via the Wairarapa line and the Rimutaka Tunnel.
  • In the south, its range extended to the Wairarapa and the Rimutaka Range east of Wellington.
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