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  • However, the station was only a rimshot into major nearby cities.
  • This is often called a rimshot although many versions of it do not include a rimshot in the technical sense.
  • Rimshot stations are often at a disadvantage compared to higher-strength signals in a market.
  • This produces a less powerful, but more precise and accurate rimshot than its marching cousin.
  • As a result, the station's main transmitter only provides "rimshot" coverage of Louisville itself despite its power and height.
  • Because KLCI operates as a rimshot signal, the show can not be heard in the south metro suburbs.
  • The band released a self-titled album on Rimshot Records the following year with a rawer, hard-edged rockabilly sound.
  • The band subsequently toured Canada, Japan and the U.S. in the following year, promoting the Rimshot album.
  • A Rimshot is a sound that is produced when the stick hits the rim and the head of the drum at the same time.
  • However, it has also competed with Nashville stations transmitting rimshot signals into parts of the Bowling Green area.
  • A rimshot is a radio and television broadcasting term for a station that attempts to reach a larger media market from a distant suburban, exurban, or even rural location.
  • The signal is a rimshot over the northwestern portions of the Greater Houston area, fringing out over parts of the city.
  • The classic stand-up punch line sound is a sting (erroneously called a rimshot) on drums.
  • Simple, often minimalistic-sounding drums, with the rimshot sound being commonly associated with porn groove.
  • Many rimshot operators attempt to serve the larger market with a signal that has deficiencies in the intended listening area, especially on the far side from where it is transmitted.
  • A rimshot in this context is only a component of the sting, and does not appear at all in some stings.
  • WJLT will pick up ESPN Radio, heard on rimshot WYFX, with the change.
  • In Plattsburgh, New York, they are served by CKBE-FM, despite considered as rimshot.
  • The station's signal to the north also gives it a rimshot status into the New Haven, Connecticut area where it has shown in the ratings in the past.
  • The off-beat was accented by an aggressive half-rimshot half-click on the snare drum.
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