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  • Australia, Canada, and the US have participated in every RIMPAC since then.
  • She also succeeded in sinking the aircraft carrier during Exercise RIMPAC during that same period.
  • This began with directed workups and various training activities leading up to the larger RIMPAC sail in the summer.
  • They managed anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare for the group and the entire RIMPAC force.
  • She participated in Exercise RIMPAC that year as part of the Orange Force.
  • USS Independence engaged in an exercise with American and allied special forces during RIMPAC.
  • She returned to Pearl Harbor later in the month at the conclusion of her RIMPAC duties.
  • In July the battalion took part in the annual exercise of RIMPAC in Hawaii.
  • Canada has participated in every RIMPAC exercise since its inception in 1971.
  • She once again participated in RIMPAC in 2014, as part of the units operating of Southern California.
  • RIMPAC experiments have included a range of sectors important to international militaries.
  • This was shown in a video issued by the Public Relations Officer of RIMPAC 98.
  • The unit took part in exercise RIMPAC 2000, taking place in June 2000.
  • The ship returned to Hawaii for RIMPAC 94, and was assigned command of one of the exercise task groups.
  • RIMPAC exercises were at a much higher operating tempo than previous tests, and the Independence accomplished its tasks without experiencing any major difficulties.
  • The United Kingdom is a member of RIMPAC also, although it hasn't participated in way of deploying a surface ship in several years.
  • While not contributing any ships, observer nations are involved in RIMPAC at the strategic level and use the opportunity to prepare for possible full participation in the future.
  • Indian Navy is also going to take part in the world's largest naval exercise/war-game RIMPAC 2014 along with 22 other nations.
  • The following year, she attended her first RIMPAC, RIMPAC 1982.
  • In the summer of 1998, Cleveland once again participated in the bi-annual RIMPAC exercise.
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