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  • He then finally moved to Rimini in his final appearance as a professional player.
  • Afterwards he went to Italy, Rimini where he advanced his career.
  • They then moved through the ruins of Rimini on the north side.
  • She spent much of her early years in Rimini.
  • Get her to Rimini, By any means, and I shall be content. Cited from Francesca da Rimini, by George Henry Boker
  • Giovanni came upon them one night in Rimini and killed them both with one thrust of his sword. Cited from Ravenna, A Study, by Edward Hutton
  • You know, my lord, that, once at Rimini, There can be no retreat for me. Cited from Francesca da Rimini, by George Henry Boker
  • After the Rimini appearance there is no further trace of her.
  • Among the released captives, of course, were our friends of the Rimini family. Cited from The Pirate City, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • His studio recording of the song is included on his album Rimini released in 1978.
  • We shall meet again with the names of the rulers of Rimini. Cited from Civilization of Renaissance in Italy, J Burckhardt
  • The critical point in the whole line is the railway underpass at the Rimini railway station.
  • It is an old story -- it has been played again and again to its Da Rimini finish. Cited from Little Journeys, Volume 4, by Elbert Hubbard
  • The story of Rimini is heard of no more. Cited from Famous Reviews, Edited by R. Brimley Johnson
  • Peter also recognized that God can act outside time, as Gregory of Rimini later argued.
  • That season Rimini finished as the 17th place, just above the teams that entered relegation play-out.
  • Rimini, however, refused to receive him back, and showed fight to the forces under d'Alviano. Cited from The Life of Cesare Borgia, by Rafael Sabatini
  • He sometimes made appearances at the annual gathering known as the Rimini Meeting held during the late summer months in Italy.
  • The council discussed what should happen at Rimini and with the commander of troops, John.
  • Rimini has won 11 national championships and three European Cups during its entire history.
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