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  • Al-Rimi was reported to be one of those killed.
  • Al Rimi's death has been reported multiple times.
  • The local government was created from the former Rimi local government in 1996.
  • In the Central station building on the first floor there is Rimi supermarket.
  • Anupam had left for UK leaving Rimi and her mother behind.
  • Porichoi is Anupam and Rimi's story as the two get re-introduced to each other after twelve years.
  • His father stated that it was unlikely al-Rimi was in the United States, since he was unable to speak English.
  • Rimi said he had given the money to the legislator "for keeping the law and order in their constituencies".
  • Rimi takes off to the UK to reconnect with her estranged father.
  • Its headquarters are in the town of Rimi, near the A9 highway.
  • Al-Rimi's wife was arrested in the beginning of June along with the wife of al-Faqasi and two other women.
  • He served in this position for a year and returned to school after his boss, governor Abubakar Rimi lost his reelection.
  • Qasim al Rimi and two other suspected militants were reported to have been killed during the raid.
  • Singer Rimi Tomy stated that she will be acting opposite Tini Tom, making her acting debut.
  • This house came to be known as Bait al-Rimi.
  • Before completing the Quran, his father moved with him to Bait al-Rimi where he continued to teach his son.
  • Dev goes back to India and Rimi joins him later.
  • Rimi is currently going by the screen name Rimmi.
  • A year after Begin's version, the song was covered by Okinawan singer Rimi Natsukawa as her third single.
  • The film revolves around three childhood friends who have grown together and when Rimi Sen comes in their life, the whole dynamics of their friendship changes.
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